Netherlands Genealogist John Boeren, LL.M., PLCGS
reviewed the 1980 research of the Van Valkenburg family of Millen in the 16th- and 17th centuries. View twelve episodes and related documents at the album: Netherlands Genealogy.

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    The Official Tree of the National Association of the Van Valkenburg Family

    The NAVVF follows the genealogies of those with the surname Van Valkenburg, and its various spellings, in North America. Family members are defined as descendants, whether by birth or legal adoption, of Lambert Jochemse Van Valckenburgh and Annetje Jacobs who immigrated from the Netherlands to New Amsterdam in 1643. Membership is extended to descendants of others of the surname Van Valkenburg - their lineages are included in this official family tree.

    Building and Sharing

    The NAVVF has established a central repository for family records and artifacts. This Project continues to receive updates, photos and 'family memories', presenting all in an accessible format.

    Which Branch?

    The NAVVF defines ten branches headed by ten grandchildren of progenitors Lambert and Annetje through son Jochem. The sons were numbered 1 through 8 with the two daughters... [more]

    Follick, Vann, Falkenbury...

    These are documented variations of the VV name in America succeeding from the original New Netherlands settlers. Also included here are North American Van Valkenburgs sourcing from alternate immigrations.

    See Finding Aid (in development)


    Dutch Genealogist Proposes Renewed Search

    The European research by C.C. VV was 40 years ago, a point made by professional Dutch Genealogist John Boeren, LL.M., PLCGS, who gave the presentation at the Reunion, (available in 12 episodes).

    John has proposed an initial review of the Limburg province archives in modern-day Belgium, where records already placed three generations of the Van Valkenburg family in Millen as far back to a 1574 land purchase.

    Will Inheritance records show family members living prior to 1600 in this area just west of Valkenburg-aan-de-Geul? Will Guild registers locate the grandfather - Andries 'the Tailor'?

    Discoveries made on this 'Millen' lineage may:

    • help pinpoint the distant common ancestors of our Y-DNA matches.
    • inform future visits to 'European roots' destinations.
    • document sources to confirm or reject speculation.

    A NAVVF donor has presented a matching challenge to encourage the establishment of a research fund, so donations will have double effect - consider donationg at our DonorBox site!

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